TANK, MEDIUM, M4A3, 105MM HOW, SERIAL NO. 73227, U.S.A. 30137059

Live the dream and become owner of a genuine and Superb Class-A Restored Sherman M4A3

USA Registration No.: U.S.A. 30137059

By the second half of 1943, Ordnance Department tests had determined that the 500 HP Ford V8, as installed in the M4A3, was the best tank engine for the Sherman. If industrial conditions had permitted, all future Sherman production would have utilized the Ford V8. However, supplies were limited so it was necessary to continue to produce 2nd  Generation M4s and M4A1s with Continental Radial Engines, along with M4A2s with GM Twin Diesel power packs.

One of our personal favorites of the Sherman Series is the very impressive Sherman M4A3 105 Howitzer Tank. Chrysler Corporation was the sole manufacturer of the 105mm armed Shermans. 

Production started in  February 1944 and ended in June 1945. In September 1944 Chrysler also had completed the transition to the improved HVSS suspension.  On February 4, 1945 the First (US) Army Group allocated 20 “M4A3(105) HVSS tanks to the Ninth Army. ETO combat debut of this superior tank on the European Theater was in February or March, 1945. The M4A3(105) HVSS however saw extensive service in the Korean war. The wider track suspension improving grip and lower the ground pressure on softer ground.
The tank was adored by its crew of five, consisting of a commander, driver, co-driver/bow machine gunner, gunner, and loader.

For the serious collector we currently have a genuinely nice ongoing project in our workshop; a superb late model M4A3(105) HVSS.
The original vehicle was delivered under SN #73227 with registration USA 30137059 and delivered in April 1945 to the US Army; attached a picture this specific tank during training exercises at camp Funston in Fort Riley Texas on September 5th 1952!

Early 1954 it was converted by Bowen McLaughlin-York Inc. into a M74 ARV and supplied to the Greek Army where it remained in service until the late eighties. After released by the Greek Army it stayed for a long time at a Greek storage yard near Thessaloniki where the team of BAIV discovered it in 2019. An absolute unique discovery because it still has its original GAA engine and comes with many trivial details. In 2021 we also discovered its correct matching WW-II D78461 / C 142 turret!

It is our intention to execute this unique reconversion project under the internal reference No. #7334 to a full Class A restored M4A3 105 HVSS in close cooperation with our client.
So, if you want to be our customer we promise you that you are going to live a fabulous dream.

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