Very nice FV 434 Armoured Repair Vehicle in excellent condition!!


Model: FV434, Armoured Repair Vehicle
Manufacturer: GKN Sankey
Remark: Excellent condition, very nice runner. After major overhaul only 65 miles!
Weight: 15 tons (15.3 t), GVW 17,750 Kg
Length: 5.88 m
With: 2.8 m
Height: 2.77 m
Crew: 4
Engine: Rolls Royce K60 Multi fuel 240 HP
Electrics: 24 volts
Suspension: Torsion bars, 5 units each side Transmission: Gearbox GM allison semi automatic 6 forward and 1 reverse
Max speed: 32 mph (52 km/h)
Crane: Hiab Crane lifting capacity 3.4 ton, 3,05 ton at 2.26 m. and 1,25 ton at 3.96 m.
Operational range 580 km

The GKN FV434 (Carrier, Maintenance, Full Tracked) is a member of theFV432 family of APCs and is operated by the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME). Its primary role is to repair disabled and damaged vehicles, for example changing the complete power pack of a Chieftain MBT, but it has no recovery capability. The FV434 is unable to handle the power pack of the Challenger 1 MBT so it has been replaced in some armoured units by the Chieftain ARRV (see entry in Armoured Recovery Vehicles section), pending the arrival in service of the Challenger ARRV.

The hull of the FV434 is of all-welded steel construction. The crew of four consists of commander, driver (who is also the crane operator) and two fitters. The driver is seated at the front of the hull on the right side and is provided with a single-piece hatch cover that opens to his left and has an integral AFV No 33 Mk 1 periscope which can be replaced by an infra-red periscope for night driving. To his rear is the commander`s cupola, which has a single-piece hatch cover, and three No 32 Mk 1 periscopes for observation. The FV434 is armed with either a 7.62 mm L4A4 (Bren) LMG or a 7.62 mm L7A2 GPMG.

To the rear of the commander`s position is another hatch which opens to the left. The engine is mounted at the front of the vehicle, to the left of the driver. The load area is at the rear of the hull and is normally covered by bows and a tarpaulin cover. The suspension is of the torsion bar type and consists of five road wheels with the drive sprocket at the front and the idler at the rear. There are two track-return rollers. The first and fifth road wheel stations are provided with hydraulic shock-absorbers which hare normally locked when the crane is in use. A flotation screen can be carried around the top of the hull and when erected the FV434 is fully amphibious, propelled in the water by its tracks; this capability is rarely used. The vehicle is provided with a ventilation system and infra-red driving lights. On the right side of the vehicle is a HIAB

This vehicle comes direct from the UK Ministry Of Defence Reserve and is fitted with a fully operational HIAB crane which has a lifting capacity of 3,4 ton.

It has hydraulic lock outs for the suspension to stabilize it whilst lifting. These vehicles were designed to service and repair other 430 variants and also the Chieftain main battle tank. The vehicle runs and drives perfect and is
• Fully overhauled and rebuilt
• Well maintained (press the button and ready to go),
• Excellent technical condition,
• New tracks, brakes etc.
• Comes fully serviced including operation and maintenance manuals.