VT-34 CW34 – recovery vehicle


The VT-34 CW34 is fully operable and in good running and driving condition.

Model: VT-34 CW34 – recovery vehicle
Manufacturer: ČKD, Sokolovo, Czechoslovakia
Weight: 30.9 tons
Crew: 2 (commander, driver, )
Engine: 12-CYL. DIESEL MODEL V-2,POWER: 373 KW (500 HP)
38.8 liters, 500 bhp (373 KW) resulting in 18.9 bhp per ton
Suspension: Christie suspension
Speed: 53 km/h (33 mph)
Range Road/Cross-country: 250/300 km
Dimensions: Length overall:            6.15 without dozer blade. With dozer blade
approx. 8.00 m
Width overall:            3.00 m
Height overall:            2.45 m
Ground clearance:       16 inch (400 mm)
Armament: Secondary:                   2 × 7.62 mm (0.3 in) DT machine guns (not included)
Armour: Hull front Upper:          47 mm
Hull front Lower:          45 mm
Hull sides:                    40mm
Hull top:                      20 mm
Hull rear:                     45 mm
Hull floor:                    15 mm
Built Serial no.: 02-K-KC-V
Remark: VT34 converted by the Polish Army into a CW34