75th Anniversary D-Day invasion of Normandy

Be part of the 75th anniversary of D-Day. BAIV offers you an unique 75th Anniversary D-Day Experience in Normandy.

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Live like a GI in a WW2 Army Camp on historic grounds at Omaha Beach, walk
the sands of the invasion beaches, be marveled by the formidable defending
positions of the Atlantic Wall and visit the drop zones of paratroopers and
landing grounds of glider troops. Let us drive you in historic WW2 army vehicles
along the paths of the allied forces and tell you about their battles, setbacks and
victories in small towns, around important bridges and hills in their struggle to
establish a foothold on the Normandy shores. See and undergo their determination
to conquer, their stories of hope, fear and individual heroism. And of course
we also visit several cemeteries in Normandy to honor and pay tribute to the
fallen heroes on Normandy soil.

The BAIV 75th Anniversary D-Day Experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,
honoring the men who landed on D-Day June 6th 1944, which lead to the Victory
over the Nazi regime in Europe in World War Two.

Join us on the beaches of Normandy and sign in now,

All information about BAIV’s 75th Anniversary D-Day Experience Normandy, i.e.
content, conditions, costs etc. you can find at our website see  75th-anniversary-d-day-invasion-of-normandy

Please note that the number of participants is restricted!
If you want to be part of this unique experience, sign in as soon as possible and join us on the beaches of Normandy in 2019!

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Very rare 1943 GMC CCKW 353 with 4-tons Quick Way-Crane made its first public appearance!

The GMC Quick Way, as being sold by BAIV last year, seems to be, after historical research, an original prototype from a series of 4 units ever built. So fare as we have been informed this is the only one left worldwide!

The 4 tons Quick Way-Crane was normally installed on the Coleman and the 6-ton trucks as being produced by Brockway, White and Corbitt. However GMC has also built 4 examples with this crane with reduced capacity for testing purposes. In field test the capacity of the GMC chassis proved to be insufficient to accommodate the crane so it never went into production.
This specific example was, after demob by the US Army, finally discovered in Norway in the late seventies in exceptionally deprived state. Detailed history is unknown. The original rolling chassis (with split axles!!) was in such a bad condition that it must be replaced.
There the unit was incomplete and cannibalized Ad Petit, a Dutch collector and owner of a prop rental company AWP Rekwisieten (http://www.awprekwisieten.nl/ ), spent together with his team over 9 months to get it running and functional again! With a lot of expertise, Tender Love and Care he rebuilt the unit back to its former glory. Using many parts he discovered in the past and always kept in stock.

On the weekend of May 26th and 27th it was presented to the public for the first time at the festival Dort in Steam. The original crane engine (international) proved to be fit for purpose!

Ad himself took care for the controls! Ad was a professional crane drive for over 35 years in the Province of Zeeland.

The good corporation between Ad and his team and BAIV resulted in the preservation of a very nice example of living history. Many ‘experts’ who doubt that it was not original proofed to be wrong.

Ad found the written proof and birth certificate of the unit!


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This rusty old lady can become yours! Halftrack White M2A1#278565#USA4037245-S

Built in June 1943 as an M2 by the White Motor Company and upgraded into an M2A1 later that year by Bowen & McLaughlin before it was shipped to Europe to support the US troops.

This very rare WW-II survivor, and godfather of the entire US built Halftrack Family, was definitely active in the liberation of Europe!

Become the owner of an incredible piece of living military armoured history and let it being restored exclusively for you by our dedicated team to be delivered in September 2018.

VB 2017-11 adv CMV nov 2017 v1

DSC_7536 DSC_7537 DSC_7538 DSC_7539 DSC_7541 DSC_7542

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