ENJOY your vehicle Carefree with our BAIV “Vehicle Event Service”!

ENJOY your vehicle Carefree?

With the BAIV “Vehicle Event SERVICE” You can!

This service includes a pick-up, maintenance, and home delivery service for your historic military vehicles ranging from para-bicycles to tanks & everything in between.

Vehicle Event Service

This service means:

  • We pick up your vehicle for several weeks in advance (depending on our work schedule and your request or the challenges set by you) before the ride & event neatly at your home. Of course we have made special arrangements with a reputable logistics partner.
  • We will have an entry vehicle inspection in our very well equipped workshop and discuss with you in advance what we’re going to fix, repair and service and what the estimated costs are.
  • We make sure that everything is tip-top serviced and refuel your vehicle. Before vehicle delivery, our workshop manager provides a superior final inspection report which you will receive fully completed.
  • We will transport your vehicle neatly back to you. If required, we even provide transportation to your specified location or event elsewhere in Europe.

BAIV BV, Your specialist in:

  • Historical American & British military armoured vehicles & (associated) equipment,
  • American & British infantry vehicles, half-tracks & tanks,
  • Armoured military vehicles & parts,
  • Delivery of spare parts (NOS & reproduction),
  • Vehicle:
    • Buying Advice,
    • Identification,
    • Maintenance,
    • Modification,
    • Overhaul,
    • Rebuild,
    • Repair,
    • Restoration,
    • Revision.

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Parts hunting!

If you are specialized in armoured vehicles and tanks the sourcing of parts is an important lifeline to serve your customers. However, many parts are still existing it is always difficult to source them.
Therefore our workshop manager Ruud Caspers visited this week an old warehouse in Southern France where he was very successful in his parts hunt.
However… the barn, in which the parts where located, was in such deplorable condition that he sometimes found his way with risk of a complete collapse of the roof structure.
Below a picture of Ruud’s part hunt.

The entire inventory of this barn was untouched since the last 4 decades. Without any doubt a very remarkable place.

New projects… the Inter M5 “Annelies” & White M16 “Nicole”!

Next to the supply line of parts also the supply line of project vehicles is important.

Ivo Rigter Sr., was therefore very lucky to find 2 very nice project vehicles being an M16 Halftrack build by White (Chassis number 283315) and an International Halftrack model M5 (Chassis number M5-M5-1565-ORD-12320).

The International is a very early model. According our dedicated calculation this vehicle left the Chicago production line on February 12th 1943 around 13:30 hrs.

Originally it received from the US Army number USA#4030308 however definitely this vehicle went to Europe and performed its duties against the Germans as part of the allied armies.

As well the M16 and M5 are in remarkable good condition. Both vehicles will arrive in the Netherlands 2nd half of June were restoration is scheduled to be started in Q4 2015.

As well the M5 (named Annelies) and M16 (named Nicole) will be brought back to factory specifications. Both vehicles deserve this!

The “Annelies”… International – Halftrack – model M5 (Chassis number M5-M5-1565-ORD-12320):

The "Annelies"... International - Halftrack - model M5 (Chassis number M5-M5-1565-ORD-12320)The "Annelies"... International - Halftrack - model M5 (Chassis number M5-M5-1565-ORD-12320)The "Annelies"... International - Halftrack - model M5 (Chassis number M5-M5-1565-ORD-12320)

The “Nicole”… White – Halftrack – model M16 (Chassis number 283315):

The "Nicole"... White - Halftrack - model M16 (Chassis number 283315)The "Nicole"... White - Halftrack - model M16 (Chassis number 283315)The "Nicole"... White - Halftrack - model M16 (Chassis number 283315)The "Nicole"... White - Halftrack - model M16 (Chassis number 283315)

Ready for 3x transportation with our Royal Dutch Army

Between March 27th and April 12th 2015 the operations “Plunder”, “Varsity”,
“Forrard On” and “Amherst” will be relived again under the name
“The Final Push”.
In 1945 these operations were the intro to the Liberation of Eastern and Northern Holland.

Ready for 3x transportation with our Dutch Army “The Final Push 2015”

The Royal Netherlands Army (Dutch: Koninklijke Landmacht (KL), “Royal Army”) is the land forces element of the military of the Netherlands.

The Royal Netherlands Army was raised on 9 January 1814—however, its origins date back to 1572, when the so-called Staatse Leger was raised. Therefore, the Netherlands has one of the oldest standing armies in the world, dating back to the 16th century. It fought during the Napoleonic Wars, World War II, the Indonesian War of Independence, Korean War, and served with NATO on the Cold War frontiers in Germany from the 1950s to the 1990s.

Since 1990, the army has deployed to the Iraq War from 2003 and the War in Afghanistan (2001-present), as well as a number of United Nations peacekeeping deployments, notably with UNIFIL in Lebanon, and UNPROFOR in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1992–1995.