1944 International H542-9 4×2 Tractor Truck (M 425 COE) and matching Fruehauf CPT-22 semi-trailer

Very practical and rare combination to transport your WW2 vehicles ‘in style’!


The International Harvester Company (in short IHC) of Chicago, Illinois was one of the leading manufacturers of vehicles in WW-II. In 1943 the US Ordnance Corps initiated designs for a new, compact semi-tactical 4×2 tractor truck, with short wheelbase and overall length and a military pattern soft-top cab, mounted over the engine, to supplant the potpourri of existing types.
Two variants were envisaged: a light type for use with 16-foot 5-ton semi-trailers and an up-rated, heavier type for hauling 25-foot 10-ton semi-trailers. They were intended for use by the Transportation Corps and by Ordnance.

The vehicles were developed and prototyped by International and went into quantity production in early 1944 with model designations H-542-9 and H-542-11.

The truck was a very welcome and successful piece of equipment for all strategic purposes such a long-distance road haulage of cargo. Main areas of operation became the China/Burma/India theatre and the ETOUSA (European Theatre of Operations, US Army).
Many were used by the truck companies of the Quartermaster Corps in the Communications Zone of ETOUSA. A nice example was the 3885th QM Truck Company (TC) which trucked supplies and reinforcements to the front lines from D-Day to VE-Day). The 542s were also in evidence in such operations as the Berlin Airlift soon after the war.

This combination:
However, the M425 is already very rare the truck the combination with the Fruehauf CPT 22 Semi Trailer makes it unique! The Fruehauf CPT 22, with a loading capacity of 48,500 Ib. (22.000 kg), was a very desirable and practicable combination to transport light tanks and armored cars as well to maintenance facilities as well for long distance traveling.
The combination is a unique recent discovery from France (M425 COE) and The Netherlands (CPT 22). In the eighties this M425 was a straight army release and never was used in a civil application. It was restored near Versailles France during which the original Red Diamond engine was replaced by a Hispano Suiza Diesel. Also, as a very practical option an original WW-II dated Tulsa winch was added on the rear bed for haulage operations in combination with the trailer.
However both units are older restorations as well the M425 COE as the CPT 22 semi-trailer are in good condition. Both will be fully serviced in our workshop in Nederweert prior to delivery.


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