Sherman Firefly Turret

Today a Sherman Firefly Turret will arrive at the Kazematten Museum in Kornwerderzand. In January 2023, a 105 mm Sherman turret was collected from the Kazematten museum with the aim of replacing it with a genuine Sherman Firefly turret. The whole is made possible by BAIV in Nederweert. BAIV is a world-leading organization for the restoration of military cultural heritage. In recent months an elaborate restoration has been achieved in BAIV’s workshop to restore the Firefly turret and make it suitable for exhibition at the Kazematten museum. The same day the Sherman Firefly turret will be placed back on the location where the 105mm Sherman turret once was located. The Sherman Firefly turret weighs approximately 7 tons, but due to its specific location, the use of a 200-ton telescopic crane is necessary. This fulfills a long-cherished wish of the Kazematten Museum.