Ford M8 8159


This M8 (Hull Nr. 8159) was built in May 1944 by the Ford Motor Company. It was registered by the US Army under USA 6041062-S and was for sure active in the WW-II. Very original with original engine and many small details! After the war it was used by the French army for several years. Recently overhauled in our workshop, an excellent runner and ready to go. Therefore a unique opportunity to buy this very rare piece of WW-II Armour which is one of the most desirable and practicable armoured cars to have and drive!

Model: M8 Light Armoured Car
Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company
M8’s were produced in St. Paul & Chicago
Gross weight: 14,200 lb. (7.800 kg)
Crew: 4: driver, commander/radio, gunner, loader
Engine: Hercules JXD 6-cyl gasoline 110 hp. (82 kW)
Transmission: 4 forward, 1 reverse, front wheel drive & high / low gear (4F1Rx2, 6×6)
Suspension: 6×6 individual leaf spring with rigid front and rear axles, rear wheel drive with selectable four wheel drive
Speed: 56 mph (90 km/hr.)
Range: 640 km
Dimensions Length : 16 ft. 5.0 in 5,00 m Width : 8 ft. 3.0 in 2,53m Height : 7 ft. 5.0 in 2,23 m
Armament: US M6 QF AT 37 mm Gun, Cal.50 (12,7 mm) M2HB Cal.30 Browning M1919
Armour: 19 / 15 / 8 mm
Date of Delivery: May 1944 (2nd Production Order)
Serial No.: 8159
USA registration: USA 6041062-S



Just arrived in our workshop planning to get it ready for Normandy 2014. It’s a M8 Greyhound build by Ford. Serial number on the M8 is 8159 based on this Joe DeMarco found out this M8 was build in May 1944 and would have the registration number USA 6041062-S